1. We are Devoted, Committed and Dedicated.

We are very focused and committed to this business. Over the last 30+ years, we have been actively involved in Supply and Management of Indian Workers in Middle East, Far East & Gulf.

Tarmac TMS has dynamically been involved in many types of recruitment for various sectors, industries and firms as a whole.

  1. Professional Staff

Our staff is dynamic and dedicated towards clients’ necessities, providing with the highest standards in outsourcing manpower and immigration services. Our trained professional staff not only monitors but also proactively responds to any issue in the company where the worker is placed; hence client has nothing to worry about.


  1. Back Up & Crisis Management

We do maintain healthy relations with both our Employers as well as our workers, this is the reason why we are in this business from past 30+ years and called a trusted agency for Employers in the Middle East, Far East & Gulf.

Our officials make frequent visits to the workplace and the office of the employer to assist them on various personnel-related affairs and also for boosting the morale of the workers.

Our staffs are well prepared for “Crisis Management” in case the situation arises.

  1. Global Network of Agents and Consultants

Tarmac TMS operates through a network of branches locally and a large number of associates Nationwide. This is to ensure that clients are provided with the suitable labour force. This wide-ranging network coupled with Tarmac TMS’s long experience has given the company that competitive edge over its rivals.

Our network of Associates is based in different Cities of India.


  1. Serving Small Business, Small and Medium Enterprise and Multinational Companies

We have a long standing and enjoy unquestionable credibility locally and internationally, hence multinational companies trust us and we serve them for their Manpower requirement.

  1. Excellent Track Record and Reviews by our Clients

Till date we have served ‘N’ numbers of companies and supplied ‘N’ number of workers (in various sectors, such as; Construction, Plantation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Services etc.) in Middle East, Far East & Gulf.